Rose Ann Laureto


  • Leadership and Governance

  • Innovation and Change Management

  • System Selection, Planning and Implementation


Ms. Laureto has over 20 years’ experience as a Chief Information Officer in healthcare. She has served as a Vice President/Chief Information Officer since 1997 for the following prominent healthcare delivery systems: Sinai Health System, Georgetown University Medical Center, The University of Illinois @ Chicago, The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill and ProMedica Health System.

In addition Ms. Laureto has over eight (8) years acting as a National Healthcare Consultant, specializing in Information Technology for the following organizations; Cap Gemini Ernst & Young U.S. LLC, Encore Excellence Consulting and Superior Consultant Company

She has managed multiple clinical and financial information systems selections and implementations. Experience includes executive level strategic planning, systems governance, strategic infrastructure, system selection, planning and implementation, as well as the direct management of large teams and Information Technology departments/divisions in multi-entity health systems. Her areas of specialization include the following:

* Direct Management of the Information Services and Technology Functions for Large, Multi-Entity Health Systems

* Development and Deployment of Strategic Information Plans and Systems

* Wide range of Vendor Evaluation, System Selection and Large-scale Implementations

* Development and Deployment of Strategic Information Systems Governance structures

* Development of Project Portfolio Management

* Architectural and Integrated Delivery System Planning

* Implementation of Project Management

* Planning, Improvement and Implementation of Corporate Infrastructure, including Data Centers, Hardware Platforms and Communications Networks

* Contract Negotiations

Rose Ann Laureto holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Health Administration from Central Michigan University.